Fabio Retains, Steers Attacks Clong.

Published by Phil Boyd

In a frantic finish to the main event of Episode 16, Fabio retained the Irish junior Heavyweight Championship versus Martin Steers after Clong threw in the towel causing a referee stoppage.

After appearing to injury his knee midway through the match, Martin Steers was trapped in the middle of the ring, with a figure-4 leg lock applied by Fabio. While screaming in agony and no sign of escape a reluctant Clong made the decision to throw in the towel on behalf of his tag team partner.

This victory for Fabio sets him back on the winning track after the Jonathan Gresham defeat and on the way to the grapple games in July.

A clearly upset Martin Steers assaulted Clong after the match. Leaving us all wondering, is this the end of Club Rock Shandy?