Longford Town Results and recap.

Published by Phil Boyd

He claims that 2023 is 'The Year Of The Bull' and CBL might not be wrong in saying that after producing a lifetime best performance to defeat 'The Irish Wrestling MVP' - LJ Cleary.

CBL came out firing with a fast-paced offense giving LJ zero time to settle in against a biased hometown crowd. As the match went on however, LJ started to establish dominance as his skills and big fight experience came to light. At points it appeared as though LJ Cleary was cruising as anything CBL tried was countered with LJ coming close to victory on multiple occasions but with the crowd solidly behind Longford lad, CBL would not lay down.

Eventually, CBL's spirit and maybe a little of LJ's cockiness helps turn the tide and CBL made the most of it. Pinning LJ for the three count to the delight of the Longford crowd.

In other news, Michael May made an unannounced return to the squared circle after almost a three absence and looked like he didn't miss a step as he and The Scoop defeated 'Double L' Liam Leonard

Phil Boyd bested Gallichini in singles contest.

Anita Vaughan was victorious against Debbie Keitel.