Do you want to become a wrestler?

Published by Phil Boyd

We are delighted to be able to open our doors and allow you to begin your professional wrestling journey.

On Arpil 30th we will be running a 10-Week beginner wrestling training Courses every Sunday from 12-2pm

Each class teaching you all aspects of professional wrestling. Our team of coaches have travelled the world and have produced some of the best performers in the world today.

Our goal is to get you the knowledge and skill to be able to perform on live events in the future.

Our school, located in North Strand is fully equipped with two 16x16 Professional Wrestling Ring and full matted area. Showers and Changing Rooms.

Spaces are limited to 12 people per day. You must be over the age 16 to attend. FFPW standard hygiene and COVID-19 awareness guidelines must be followed and lastly, Please be aware that Professional Wrestling requires a certain level of psychical conditioning. Please do not sign up before consulting with a doctor if you have any medical conditions that may prohibit your ability to train.

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